The world of home decor changed in the 20th century because of the invention of a single device. That device turned living rooms, places where people would often arrange furniture in a circle to facilitate conversation, into a completely different type of space. One where families would gather facing a single direction, and that direction was towards the television set. Yes, it was the humble TV that made living rooms forever different. But many people, despite rearranging their entire living rooms around the TV, still insist on making the single most looked at piece of furniture in their entire homes completely run of the mill. Not only is this a seeming waste of potential, but replacing your old TV stand is an easy way to completely change the look of a room. Here’s a few reasons to choose a rustic TV console from FoxDen Decor.

  1. Beautiful Wooden Furnishings

Here at FoxDen Décor, we specialize in reclaimed wooden furniture, pieces that combine the needs of today’s homes and families with the look of days gone by. With our rustic TV consoles, you get beautiful pieces that are all hand-carved from single pieces of wood. These pieces are not only strong and long-lasting, it’s wholly unique and made from beautiful wood. The consoles can also be made from refurnished wood, if that’s your preference, to further emphasize the old-timey feel of vintage furniture. So if your home or living room is going for that older style, a rustic TV console from Fox Den Decor can fit in perfectly, or stand on its own as a beautiful centerpiece to your home.

  1. Customized Designs

But on top of the beautiful wood, every rustic TV console is completely customizable to your specific needs. So instead of finding a piece that approximates your home, your decor sense, andrustic tv console your television’s dimensions, you can have one custom built that fits everything perfectly. This will help you keep a solid design sense throughout your room, all while giving you something that will fit seamlessly into your home’s unique layout. And for those who need the perfect placement of their TV for the perfect viewing experience, the customization means it will fit in exactly where you need it.

  1. Award-Winning Construction

When you buy furniture made from single pieces of wood or reclaimed wood, color and dimensions are important, but so is the quality of the piece itself. Fox Den Decor takes pride in building pieces that are meant to last, rather than pieces that look good at first but fall apart as the years go on. Our internal standards, such as our dedication to our craft and our outstanding customer service, have started to make headlines on their own. Awards and features for our products have appeared on HGTV, and we’ve also received Best of Houzz 2015 award for our exemplary customer service.

If you’re on the market for a rustic TV console, we at FoxDen Decor encourage you to look through our catalogue and see how our custom furniture pieces could change your home’s look and feel. The combination of high-quality construction and old-fashioned stylings could be exactly what you’re looking for.