Suppose you want to incorporate a retro farmhouse theme into your decor. Suppose you want a television console to fit into your decorating scheme as if it was made just for your television — in 1920! You can do that. Today’s television flat panel screen rarely looks out of place in any home’s decorating style—especially since we are so accustomed to seeing one in any room in our house. So essential is the television in our homes that we could as easily incorporate one into a starship captain’s quarters, or into Laura Ingall’s parlor, if either extreme were to fit your decorating plans. If you are looking for a rustic TV console to fit in with the rest of your theme, it can be done quite easily. Here are some tips.

rustic TV console

First of all, forget that rustic and television are not words that go together. That’s not a problem. Everyone has to make room for modern electronics in their rooms, and if they don’t blend with the vision, then so what? Your very large, flat panel screen is a dark rectangle when its switched off, and when its switched on, you are watching it, so you don’t notice if it doesn’t match. However, if it really looks out of place, but is still wanted, then include sliding cabinet doors in the loveliest wood you can find and fence that tv screen away when you are not watching it. Let yourself forget about the modern for a while so you can feel like you are a part of something older.

It’s about balance

A rustic tv console must be large enough to hold the television—this is the most important requirement. As electronic gadgets get bigger, flatter, heavier, or sometimes even more solid, it is important that the console be big enough to balance the weight. That is, the actual weight of the device and its size must not look like an accident. Make sure the tv screen fits. But it also needs to balance aesthetically. The screen should be visually proportionate.

The best thing about a genuine rustic tv console is that sometimes it is actually genuine. That also helps with balance. You can balance the modern, molded-black and shiny, big screen tv with the warm beauty, gorgeous colors, and textures of real wood furniture. You may want your rustic tv console to be made out of reclaimed wood. In that sense, it would be a genuine rustic tv console. Anything made out of reclaimed wood cannot fail to be beautiful. Wood has a heart of its own, and no two pieces of furniture crafted from the wood can ever be exactly the same. Choose wood that will bring your home alive. Choose wood that will say, “yes, the television is there, but it was meant to be there. It has balance.”

Choosing rustic furniture to bring a sense of beauty and gravitas into your home is easy. FoxDen Decor makes beautiful furniture from solid wood, and it can be customized to exactly your specifications. Each piece is unique, and each piece will make its own statement. Rustic will never look out of place with your electronics again.