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When it comes to remodeling, it can be the subtle changes that make the biggest difference. This becomes very apparent when it comes to bathroom renovations. Bathrooms, because of their size verses their use, can be very tricky when it comes to upgrading a look without compromising on size and usability. Quite often, expanding or moving utilities are not the best options. When it comes to upgrading your bathroom, one of the most noticeable changes you can make is to your bathroom sink. Rather than opting for a new version of a porcelain sink, consider buying a copper sink.

A Unique Look

Copper sinks have a unique and classic look. They stand apart from the typical white porcelain sink. A change as simple as your sink will instantly upgrade the look of your bathroom. It creates a timeless classic look that becomes the centerpiece of your bathroom. A copper sink goes extremely well with a rustic themed room. It also blends seamlessly with a contemporary and modern look. Copper sinks have don’t just add glamor but is also low maintenance.  

Antibacterial Benefits

Copper sinks are known for their antibacterial qualities. Unlike their porcelain cousins whose bacteria can last for days, the bacteria in copper sinks can die within a few hours. When you consider that sinks are used as a cleaning utility, this becomes very important. An antibacterial sink creates a cleaner and less harmful environmental space. The natural qualities of this sink gives the additional help you need to ensure that your family is one step further away from harmful bacteri

 Many Shapes and Sizes

Copper is a very malleable material. A sheet of copper can be molded and shaped into any design. The result is an endless supply of highly customizable copper sinks to match the design or even create a new design for your bathroom. You can step away from the traditional look and own a sink that is one of a kind. In addition to this, copper sinks do not rust. Their natural anti rusting qualities make the long term investment of these sinks worth any extra money that you were unsure of spending.

Copper sinks come in any design and style a home owner or designer desires. Their unique looks are only limited by the imagination of the creator. Copper sinks give an instant upgraded look to any bathroom they are fitted in. Not only do they increase in value and appeal over time, but they also do not rust or decline in quality over the long term use of owning one. At FoxDen Decor, we would love the opportunity to be able to work with you to sell you the perfect sink. Combined with our rustic furniture, we can work with you to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.