Shabby Chic

Trends come and go. But who has the time, money, or energy to consistently redecorate their home in keeping with the latest trend? If you want to stay current and trendy with your home décor, try adding a few “shabby chic” items, like the rustic dresser, to your space.

Rustic dressers or vanities are a great way to combine an antique look with a contemporary flare. These pieces will never go out of style and will complement almost any home design, from the ultramodern to the more traditional. We will also custom-build and custom-paint you the perfect rustic dresser, table or chair for your home! Just contact us today with your needs and specifications, and we’ll be happy to make you the perfect piece(s) to match your décor.

Rustic DresserDe-clutter

Numerous studies show that decreasing the amount of clutter in your home can actually help you decrease the amount of stress you experience. Clutter can cause homes to feel small and cramped, which can cause its inhabitants to feel higher levels of stress and claustrophobia. Your home is your sanctuary. Don’t letter clutter get in the way of your serenity space. Use a rustic dresser to help you stay organized.

However, as most of us know, clutter is somewhat unavoidable: things pile up over time, and it can be difficult to keep spaces organized—especially when you’ve got to deal with all the pressures of everyday life: work, kids, relationships, daily chores. The trick to de-cluttering your space is to invest in furniture that will help you organize your space, and look great at the same time! With a rustic dresser, you can keep your wardrobe organized in style, decreasing the amount of clutter in your home while adding a touch of antique flare to your home décor.

Handcrafted Style

All of our furniture is handcrafted by top artisans. We also offer a wide selection of furniture, including rustic dressers, made from reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is wood that has been salvaged from old barns, buildings, and even wine barrels. Sometimes, the wood is over a hundred years old!

Part of the reason why reclaimed lumber has become so popular as of late is that reclaimed wood is typically of much higher quality than new wood: it has already stood the test of time. The rustic look of the reclaimed lumber that is used to build the rustic dresser is also in high demand because it creates an unassuming yet comforting atmosphere in almost any home. Furniture made with reclaimed lumber is also entirely one-of-a-kind; the lumber often comes from a variety of sources and appears in a variety of hues and woodgrains.

Reclaimed lumber often comes from old growth forests, which means that it’s stronger and more durable than wood from new growth forests. The reclaimed lumber that is used to make rustic dressers is also typically hardwood – that is, wood from a broad-leaved tree, such as oak, ash, or beech – which is much stronger and richer in tone than wood from conifer trees like pine or spruce.

Store in Style

If you’re interested in organizing your home in style, check out our wide selection of rustic dressers, bar stools, vanities, tables and chairs. If your apartment or home is short on storage space, don’t fret: we’ll help you choose the perfect dresser or vanity to fit your organizational and décor needs.