The humble bedroom dresser is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your bedroom. Besides being a handy place to store anything from clothes to linens, a rustic dresser can also be a defining piece of your bedroom’s look. FoxDen Decor understands the importance of this piece of bedroom furniture, which is why we have gone to great lengths to create a line of dressers that can combine both function and fashion.

The FoxDen Decor rustic dresser is a fully customizable piece of furniture that we create to your specifications. It combines the beauty of rustic furniture pieces with the functionality you need from a quality dresser. Here are just a few reasons why a FoxDen Decor dresser may be what you need for your bedroom.Rustic Dresser

1.  The Color You Want

While most dressers of a similar price to FoxDen Decor’s rustic dressers come in one or a couple of color options, we can create a dresser that fits within seven different color ranges based on our own specialized stains. From lighter Americana stains to bold, stylish Turquoise finishes, we can help craft a piece that fits in perfectly with your decor vision for your bedroom.

2.  The Material You Need

FoxDen Decor provides you with a chance to determine not only how your dresser will look, but also with what materials it will be made. You can choose between reclaimed wood or brand new wood for your piece. Each has its own distinct advantages and looks, but this option provides you with complete control over your rustic dresser.

3.  Expert Craftsmanship and Customized Furniture

Every FoxDen Decor rustic dresser is made by expert furniture makers in our Mexico studio. Their combined decades of experience truly shine in every piece produced, from the ease of use to the simple, rustic stylings. But besides the quality craftsmanship, our incredible furniture makers can also customize your piece to your exact needs in terms of dimensions. From smaller pieces to large dressers that command attention, everything is possible thanks to the skill of our furniture makers.

4.  Stylish Bedroom Furniture

At the end of the day, the FoxDen Decor rustic dresser is a beautiful piece, one that is sure to elevate the decor of any bedroom in your home. Its masterful construction and distinct look will be something that you will enjoy for years to come.

Dressers are an important part of any bedroom. Not only are they excellent storage pieces, but their size and position in a bedroom often means that they are important decor pieces as well. Because of their function and fashion, your next dresser for your bedroom should have the look and dimensions that you need. That’s why the FoxDen Decor rustic dresser is the perfect piece for your next big bedroom decor change. Made from the materials you want and in the colors and size you need, it can be both a defining piece of your bedroom’s decor and a handy place to store almost everything.