No matter how well you plan your home’s floor plan, it’s the interior decoration that will make all of the visual difference.  The style, color and theme of your furniture and accessories are what create the feel and look of your home.  Three identical floor plans can look drastically different, even feel larger or smaller, simply by the furniture and colors.   While some prefer a sharp and formal look, many have been opting for a more rustic and country feel.  Warm colors and wood finishes give a home a softer touch that make it more inviting and relaxing.

Affordabilityrustic coffee table

Creating this look does not need to be expensive or even difficult.  A simple accessory or small furniture change is all it takes to make a large difference.  You do not need to change couches and love seats to create a new room.  Smaller items such as coffee tables and lamps can make a huge transformation. Wall hangings can also change not only the color, but the mood of your room too.  Try by starting your decorating with a rustic coffee table.  These important pieces of furniture are not the first thing to be considered, but it is definitely one of the main components of room.  Your coffee table has a large effect on the entire look of your room. If you are not sure how it affects your space, try removing it and see the difference its absence makes.  A rustic coffee table goes a long way to creating a new look in a room.

What else can Rustic Do?

Aside from the cosmetic benefits of a more comfortable looking space, many manufacturers create true rustic furniture from reclaimed wood for environmental reasons. These handmade items are made to order and are greener by nature. No two pieces of furniture are exactly the same.  Not only are you purchasing a unique piece of furniture, you will be owning a centerpiece that will not be identical to anything in any other home.  Reclaimed wood often comes with a history and its own story to tell.  Showcasing this in your living room is an inexpensive way to create a new and inviting look in your home.

What else can you do to change the look?

Other ideas to change your room’s theme can be as simple as new wall images, or table decorations. Country decorations can be inexpensively purchased at a number of stores.  The perfect wall hangings can be found with a minimal amount of shopping. These small variations are often all it takes to completely change the look of a room on a budget.

FoxDen Decor carries a fantastic line of rustic coffee tables that will instantly transform the look and feel of your living room. These tables are made to order, ensuring that no two are alike.  As each home owner is unique, so is what you are looking for.  This company is happy to work directly with you to ensure that you are happy with your order and the look of your new living room piece.  Redecorating does not need to be complicated or expensive.  Often, all it takes is a new table, and some matching accessories to create a new look and freshen up your home.