Are you interested in finding a piece of furniture that will give your home the spark that it’s currently lacking? Perhaps even a piece of art that will serve as an eye- catching piece in any place of residence, like a rustic coffee table? Rustic furniture gives your decor a bit of old-world charm while still achieving a modern look due to the extreme popularity of industrial-inspired home furnishings.

1Functional Art

The rustic furniture that we offer at FoxDen Decor is unlike anything else that you have ever seen. Each piece is a carefully handcrafted, one of a kind creation, making our furniture functional pieces. Each and every item that you see on our website is custom made to order, giving you the ability to customize your unique creation. There are many options available, including styles such as reclaimed wood, door top, rustic, painted, cedar, and more. Each step in the process is fully customizable, allowing you to make your furniture dreams a reality. You are in control of the creation of your masterpiece, whether you are looking for a reclaimed wood vanity or a rustic coffee table!

Coffee Tables with Storage

Looking for a rustic coffee table? With the perfect blend of form and function, our Reclaimed Coffee Table with Hideaway is a piece that is sure to stop your guests in their tracks. Made from beautiful 100% reclaimed barn wood, sanded down and finished with a hand rubbed paste wax, this table will last you a lifetime. The wood used to create these tables comes from a collection of wood from old barns, originating in Mexico. With three drawers lining the length of the table, there is plenty of storage available to you, so it won’t take away from the beauty of what will certainly be the focal point of the room. Store anything from television remotes, CD/DVD, or books within these drawers, keeping your tabletop free for entertaining. The center of this tabletop also has a unique glass tile mosaic, and the center mosaic contains a secret hideaway, which opens to reveal yet another storage space! The glass tile mosaic adorning the top of this coffee table can be customized to match the color palate of any room you choose.

Barn Door Tabletops

Add a unique focal point to your living room with our Reclaimed Barn Wood Coffee Table. Created from a mixture of different styles of reclaimed wood, the most striking element of this table is the tabletop. An old rustic door serves as the top of this coffee table, while the table legs are made from a selection of reclaimed wood, originally used in Mexican barns and stables. There is also a small drawer built into the length of the table, perfect for storing your television remotes! Each table is unique – no two pieces will ever look alike – ensuring that you have a rustic coffee table unlike any other. With a wide array of paints and stains to choose from, we are able to customize your order to match any room!

If you are interested in getting your creative juices flowing, design your very own rustic wood coffee table today! You can alter any of the existing tables that you see on our website, or design your own unique piece from scratch, whichever you prefer. Contact us today to begin the process!