Fiesta Rustic Bar Stool

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Early American
Concrete Gray
Avery Gray
Baltic Teal
Space Black
Medium Walnut
Rustic White
Foxden Turquoise
  • As Shown
  • Concrete Gray
  • Baltic Teal
  • Space Black
  • Rustic White
  • Foxden Turquoise
  • Early American
  • Avery Gray
  • Medium Walnut


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Meet The Fiesta!

Our Fiesta bar stool's name says it all! These bright and vibrant bar stools come from the heart of Mexico and display the true Mexican culture. Each chair is uniquely hand crafted by skilled Mexican artisans and hand stained using a multi step process to create a distressed look. As with all of our pieces, you can order these in any other color or colors that you'd like!*Item pictured has a total dimensions of 18x18x47

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