Seville Live Edge Eucalyptus End Table

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Meet The Seville!

Meet The Cadiz! Crafted from the highly coveted Tropical Hardwood Eucalyptus, this table is destined to be a show-stopper for your home. The Live Edge top combined with turned legs makes this beauty absolutely unforgettable. It has been hand finished in a premium wax blend and hand buffed to a satin sheen.

Meet The Seville!

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hardwood end table live edge


Stunning natural edges all the way around. Enjoy nature’s beauty from every angle of this live-edge top.


Enjoy the beautiful grain of Eucalyptus, an exquisite Tropical Hardwood.  Hand finished to bring out the fine detail and character of the grain and live-edge.

eucalyptus table


Gorgeous turned legs that are hand-made using a lathe by our skilled craftsman.


Specially crafted by hand by our expert artisans. No two pieces are ever alike and are unique and can be customized to your liking. Please Contact us first for our customization options.




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