Stewart Double Sink Vanity

A double sink vanity made from 100% reclaimed wood. The reclaimed wood comes from old barns and stables in Mexico, and is sanded down to a smooth finish. The reclaimed wood gives this double sink vanity a very rustic appeal and will add character to any home. The piece is then finished with a hand rubbed paste wax that protects the wood and provides a unique finish.

The vanity has a wood top and has a coat of non glossy polyurethane to protect from water damage.

Item pictured :60x20x32

If you’d like different dimensions, please let us know before placing your order.


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As Shown
Space Black
Baltic Teal
FoxDen Turquoise
Rustic White
Concrete Gray


Avery Gray Wash
White Driftwood
Vessel Round 17x13x5 ($150.00)
- +
Vessel Oval 17x13x5 ($150.00)
- +
Drop In Round 15x5x5 ($150.00)
- +
Drop In Oval 17x13x5 ($150.00)
- +
Oil Rubbed Bronze ($99.99)
- +
Matching Mirror 24×36 ($165.00)
- +
Matching Mirror 48×36 ($275.00)
- +
Matching Mirror 60×36 ($349.00)
- +
Matching Mirror 60×48 ($395.00)
- +
Medicine Cabinet Single Door (20x8x28) ($189.00)
- +
Sealed Wood Top
No Top (Vanity Body will be 3″ Less)
SKU: 1803460V