Alton Double Sink Vanity

Our spectacular double sink vanity was exclusively designed and masterfully crafted to become a part of your home’s unique story. Sturdily constructed from solid mesquite wood, this vanity was built as a strong functional piece and made to last. Its frame embodies strength and power but its subtle curves and individual markings help maintain its elegance, creating a beautiful aesthetic combination.

Its substantial size and stunning woodwork are some of this vanity’s most eye-catching features however as a piece you will use daily, you will be pleased with even its most basic elements including surface and storage space – both which will provide you with essential ease of function and practicality, for years to come.
The surface area can easily hold two functioning sinks or transition into a display of your favorite or most used items. Whatever its purpose, be sure to add to the magnificence of your home by making this stunning work of art the focal point of your bathroom.


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